André 3000 Has New Solo Album On The Way According To Killer Mike

André 3000 Has New Solo Album On The Way According To Killer Mike

André 3000 has an album coming according to his friend and frequent collaborator, Killer Mike.On Monday (June 20), Killer Mike sat down with SiriusXM’s Sway in the Morning on his current press run in promotion of his new album, Michael. During the 30-minute conversation about the project, the often inspirational Atlanta MC also discussed his philanthropic work, connecting with God and his recent collab with André 3000, “Scientists & Engineers”, which also features Future. However, as the chat continued, Killer Mike confirmed to Sway that believe it or not, the reclusive OutKast legend actually has an album in the tuck

Drake Calls Bun B’s Trill Burgers The “Best” He’s Ever Had

Drake Calls Bun B’s Trill Burgers The “Best” He’s Ever Had

Source: Marco Torres / @MarcoFromHouston

As Hip-Hoppers continue to await for the moment they’re able to take a bite out of the best burger in America, Bun B’s Trill Burger, Drake vacated his throne to the North and flew South (on a dragon probably) just to feast on the most hyped Hip-Hop hamburger in history.

According to TMZ, Drake headed down to Houston to check out Bun B’s first official brick-and-mortar Trill Burgers establishment on Juneteenth, and after being greeted by the Hip-Hop legend personally, Drizzy sank his teeth into what he said was “the best burger I ever had.” Damnit! We want one… or two. Depends on how monstrous of a munchie session we get.

TMZ reports:

Drake and Bun have been tight ever since the Toronto rapper broke into the game, and says he opts to refer to Bun as a “mentor” rather than an “OG.”

As fate would have it, Drake’s other H-Town mentor, Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J Prince, was also in the building and they dapped it up like always.

Y’all know if Drake in Houston, J Prince isn’t going to be too far behind. Just sayin.’


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Drake is the latest rapper in a growing line of MC’s who’ve had the pleasure of getting a bite out of the now legendary beef burger as others like Tyler, the Creator, Fat Joe and Jadakiss promptly gave Bun B his flowers after experiencing what he’d been perfecting in the kitchen all these years.

Can Bun B send a few our way though? Hook us up, Triple-OG!

Check out videos of their reactions below and let us know if you’ve had the pleasure of eating a Trill Burger in the comments section below.

Boosie Badazz Arrested For Gun Possession, Release On Bail In Limbo

Boosie Badazz Arrested For Gun Possession, Release On Bail In Limbo

Behind The Scenes Video Shoot For "Shottas" With Xay Capisce And Lil Boosie

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Last week Boosie Badazz got himself pinched by authorities due to an IG live in which he inadvertently showed himself in possession of a firearm, and though bail was originally denied a judge has now granted him a $50K bond, but with no release date set in stone.

HipHopDX is reporting that the “Wipe Me Down” artist was arrested last Wednesday (June 14) after leaving a courtroom in San Diego, CA after having a gun case dismissed only to end up getting booked on brand new gun charges such as felony possession of a firearm and transporting firearms across highways. Apparently authorities caught wind of some IG Lives from the rappers account where he was seen with a gun tucked into his waistband and in the process violating a Federal law that prohibits convicted felons from carrying and/or owning guns.

After the initial arrest, bail bond was denied for the rapper as prosecutors wanted Boosie to remain in custody until trial, but at a hearing on Tuesday the judge overseeing the case granted Boosie a $50,000 bond but without word on when he’ll be able to post it and walk out a semi-free man.

HipHopDX reports:

In light of his recent arrest, Boosie appears to want to liquidate some assets and get his hands on some cash. The Louisiana native recently put his Rolls-Royce truck up for sale and he’s looking for a sizeable six-figure payday.

Boosie took to Instagram on the same day he was arrested seeking a $240,000 offer in cash in exchange for the luxury vehicle.

“240k CASH DM ME AND SEND ME CONTACT IF INTERESTED,” he wrote imploring those interested and flush with cash to message him.

You’d think he’d be able to pawn some of his heavy jewelry and get $50K ASAP, but we guess not.

No word on what kind of sentence prosecutors want to hit Boosie with but if they didn’t want him to get bail, they may not want him to see the light of day for a long time.

What do y’all think of Boosie’s latest arrest? Sound off in the comments section below.

Babyface Says There Is No “R&Beef” With Anita Baker

Babyface Says There Is No “R&Beef” With Anita Baker

Babyface X The Jason Lee Show

Babyface and Anita Baker looked to be one of the top tours of 2023 with the two legendary acts making their talents on the road of their legion of fans. Despite what headlines say, Babyface assured the public that there is no beef between him and Baker.

Babyface, real name Kenneth Edmonds, sat down with The Jason Lee Show and ran over a few topics in their chat. Of course, fans of the seemingly feuding acts wanted to know the story behind the rift and a new trailer offers some insight.

Lee mentioned the issues between the pair which go back to a night when Baker decided to do the show on her own due to reported technical difficulties. In the wake of that evening, Baker says that Babyface’s fans began attacking her on social media and making her online life miserable. Baker even asked Babyface to call off his fans via Twitter.

Throughout it all, Babyface remained classy online and when speaking with Lee. He explained that the night of the show cancellation was “complicated” but didn’t go into deeper detail.

The talented singer and songwriter then shared that he had no issue being Baker’s supporting act and that he was looking forward to seeing her perform nightly as much as the fans were.

A trailer for the conversation is posted below. Tune in to REVOLT at 10 PM ET to watch the latest The Jason Lee Show episode.


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Rick Ross Saves Georgia Healthcare Clinic With $30K Donation

Rick Ross Saves Georgia Healthcare Clinic With $30K Donation

Source: Barry Brecheisen / Getty

A healthcare clinic in Georgia will remain open after being on the brink of closing, thanks to a generous donation from Rick Ross.
On Monday (June 19), the Maybach Music Group mogul and rapper presented a check for $30,179 to the team of women running the Fayette C.A.R.E. Clinic in Fayette County, Georgia. The clinic enables poorer families to have access to the premium healthcare they need including affordable medication and doctors. “The patients that come to this clinic, all of them, their income level is 200% below the poverty level. The national poverty level,” said Geneva Weaver, the clinic’s executive director.

Ross is a resident of Fayette County and got word of the clinic’s potential closing through his lawyer, Steve Sadow. Before his donation, the C.A.R.E. Clinic had raised $19,000 with a goal of $50,000. “A clinic like this means a lot to me. I lost my father at an early age and I felt like one of the reasons I lost him so early was his lack of healthcare,” the artist said at the ceremony where the check was presented. “I look forward to continuing to help out as much as possible. I consider you family, friends, and of course, neighbors.”

Local network WSB-TV was present as Weaver thanked Ross along with other executives from the clinic. She said that the check was the largest donation from an individual donor that they’ve had since opening their doors in 2005. The “Aston Martin Music” rapper was humble about the donation on his social media profiles, opting to share information on Juneteenth with his fans along with photos from his recent car and bike show held on his sprawling estate. That event didn’t go over well with some in the county, as some attendees of that show trashed a plaza in South Fulton three miles away from his Promised Land estate. Local authorities believe they resorted to that behavior after not gaining entry to the event.  


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