“We’ve been cutting ideas and just getting in.”

While Nipsey Hussle and Meek Mill both have their own solo albums currently out, the famed rappers reportedly plan to join forces in the name of a collaborative project. During an interview with Real 92.3 L.A., Hussle mildly dished on the behind-the-scenes process of their reported tunes.

“We’ve been cutting ideas and just getting in,” he said. “We got a couple of records that’s going to go off for the summer.” While Hussle remained tight-lipped on the content or further details behind the music, the joint venture will surely happen this year. “We would like to come summertime,” he said. “Just gotta lock-in.”

In December 2018, Mill conducted an #AskMeek session on Twitter when he was quizzed on which artist he would like to work with. To that question, the “Amen” artist typed the “Double Up” rapper’s name.

After that moment, Hussle spoke on his previous negotiations to sign with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, a place where Meek produced several projects. “It was a great situation and we’ve seen what happened with all the artists over there. Everybody blossomed, did well,” he said. “I think it would’ve been a great move to have done that too.” As to why things didn’t pan out that way, Hussle said “last minute changes” at Warner Bros. played a role. “A couple things changed up there so I’ve been in that situation before.”

Hussle also gives advice for people looking to invest, technology, purchasing retail property and more. Watch the interview below.


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