Vince Staples is back and cantankerous as ever

A couple of days ago, Vince Staples started a GoFundMe called #GTFOMD. If people donated $2 million dollars to him, he would move to Palmdale, CA, buy a Honda, some soup for the homies, and a dog. And he would go away.

So basically, he would retire.

Of course, it was a joke. Or, more accurately, a stunt, for his confrontational new single “Get the Fuck off My Dick,” which he just released.

On the track, Vince gets right to it, rapping:

Yeah, I ain’t taking no more calls, might think ‘about calling it quits
Press is trying to block my blessings, no more talking to Vince
NPR and XXL, man, I can’t tell which is which
Missed the mark, I think my label need a marketing switch

The song was produced by Ritz Reynolds & DJ Dahi.

Now that Vince’s new single is out, what’s the status of theGoFundMe? Well, it’s still up. (Even though GoFundMe briefly took it down yesterday.) And, as of now, only $1,500 was raised. A far cry from the $2 million Vince was asking for.

All well, listen to “Get the Fuck off My Dick” below.

Via:: @OkayPlayer | #XQZT #HipHop