Drake Blasts The Grammys (Again) On Social Media

Drake Blasts The Grammys (Again) On Social Media

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Drake called out the Grammy Awards in a post on social media, declaring his support for those artists nominated that evening
As the Grammy Awards got underway Sunday night (Feb. 4), Drake expressed his feelings about the ceremony, making it clear that he wasn’t going to be paying attention. In a post to his Instagram Stories, he shared a clip of his acceptance speech during his last appearance at the awards in 2019. “All you incredible artists, remember this show isn’t the facts, it’s just the opinion of a group of people (whose) names are kept a secret (literally you can Google it),” the rapper wrote in a text caption over the clip. “Congrats to anybody winning anything for Hip-Hop, but this show doesn’t dictate s—t in our world.”

His animosity against the Grammy Awards and the Recording Academy began during that 2019 appearance where he won the Best Rap Song for “God’s Plan.” “We play in an opinion-based sport, not a factual-based sport,” he said at the time (at one point, his microphone seemed to be cut off). “It is not the NBA … This is a business where sometimes it is up to a bunch of people that might not understand what a mixed-race kid from Canada has to say … or a brother from Houston right there, my brother Travis,” Drake said. “You’ve already won if you have people who are singing your songs word for word, if you are a hero in your hometown. If there is people who have regular jobs who are coming out in the rain, in the snow, spending their hard-earned money to buy tickets to come to your shows, you don’t need this right here, I promise you, you already won.”

The Toronto, Canada, native also threw barbs at the Grammys in 2021 after The Weeknd didn’t receive any nominations that year. Drake was nominated four times at the 66th edition of the Grammys, including Best Rap Performance for “Rich Flex” from the Her Loss joint album with 21 Savage, which was also nominated for Best Rap Album. His solo album from last year, For All The Dogs, was not submitted for consideration. Drake is currently on his It’s All A Blur: Big As The What nationwide tour, performing the second of two nights at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, with J. Cole. It runs through April 16, where it will end at Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado. 

Drake Calls Bun B’s Trill Burgers The “Best” He’s Ever Had

Drake Calls Bun B’s Trill Burgers The “Best” He’s Ever Had

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As Hip-Hoppers continue to await for the moment they’re able to take a bite out of the best burger in America, Bun B’s Trill Burger, Drake vacated his throne to the North and flew South (on a dragon probably) just to feast on the most hyped Hip-Hop hamburger in history.

According to TMZ, Drake headed down to Houston to check out Bun B’s first official brick-and-mortar Trill Burgers establishment on Juneteenth, and after being greeted by the Hip-Hop legend personally, Drizzy sank his teeth into what he said was “the best burger I ever had.” Damnit! We want one… or two. Depends on how monstrous of a munchie session we get.

TMZ reports:

Drake and Bun have been tight ever since the Toronto rapper broke into the game, and says he opts to refer to Bun as a “mentor” rather than an “OG.”

As fate would have it, Drake’s other H-Town mentor, Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J Prince, was also in the building and they dapped it up like always.

Y’all know if Drake in Houston, J Prince isn’t going to be too far behind. Just sayin.’


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Drake is the latest rapper in a growing line of MC’s who’ve had the pleasure of getting a bite out of the now legendary beef burger as others like Tyler, the Creator, Fat Joe and Jadakiss promptly gave Bun B his flowers after experiencing what he’d been perfecting in the kitchen all these years.

Can Bun B send a few our way though? Hook us up, Triple-OG!

Check out videos of their reactions below and let us know if you’ve had the pleasure of eating a Trill Burger in the comments section below.