First The Swag Surf, Now This: X Users Collectively Roll Their Eyes At The Fade Being Called The “Travis Kelce Haircut”

First The Swag Surf, Now This: X Users Collectively Roll Their Eyes At The Fade Being Called The “Travis Kelce Haircut”

Source: Patrick Smith / Getty / Travis Kelce

Damn, we can’t have nothing. First, the Swag Surf, and now the fade haircut.

Barbershop enthusiasts are stark raving mad, and understandably so, after witnessing the colonization of the fade haircut. The hairstyle that Queensbridge MC NaS and other rappers have famously donned has become the go-to hair choice for white men trying to be like Kansas City Chiefs tight end and Taylor Swift’s boo, Travis Kelce.

Like with the Taylor Swift Swag Surf incident, Kelce is not directly responsible for what’s going on; instead, a news article from the New York Times is getting folks riled up.

In the article, Jeffrey Dugas, a barber at Obsidian Barbers in New Brunswick, Canada, says his white clientele are rushing to his shop to get the “Travis Kelce cut” because they know he made the hairstyle popping, according to them.

@jeffcutshairsTravis Kelce Haircut! My brother in law walked into the shop today wanting me to perform a miracle. @taylorswift who’s hotter? Mike or Travis?♬ original sound – Jeff Dugas | Saint John Barber

Black folks on X collectively rolled their eyes, pointing out that Kelce’s haircut ain’t nothing but a damn fade.

“Isn’t the Travis Kelce haircut a regular fade?? Isn’t this more Caucasian people throwing sum blonde hair on things POC been doing and saying it’s new and exciting/trendsetting?” another post on X, formally Twitter, read.

There were white folks just as perplexed. “That’s called a buzz cut and it has been an extremely popular hairstyle for men for like… a century,” a post read.

Another noted, “Isn’t the Travis Kelce haircut a regular fade?? Isn’t this more Caucasian people throwing sum blonde hair on things POC been doing and saying it’s new and exciting/trendsetting,” Bossip reports.

We’re sure even Travis Kelce rolled his eyes at any posts suggesting he made the fade popular or invented the haircut.

You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

Kanye West Trends In Wake Of 66th Grammy Awards, X Connects Taylor Swift Dots

Kanye West Trends In Wake Of 66th Grammy Awards, X Connects Taylor Swift Dots

Kanye West aka Ye was not a fixture at the 66th Grammy Awards on Sunday (Feb. 4), but his presence certainly loomed after his Watch The Throne collaborator Jay-Z ruffled some feathers. With Taylor Swift taking home the coveted Album of The Year Grammy Award, Kanye West saw his name trending on X with users connecting the dots between Hov’s epic speech and Swift’s win.

Ever since the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards when Kanye West famously interrupted Taylor Swift during an acceptance speech, the pair has been reluctantly tied to one another. Using similar talking points Ye used in the past, Jay-Z dressed down the Recording Academy and the fact that his wife, Beyoncé, has never won the Album of the Year award.

Fans on X noted that Kanye played Jay-Z’s speech via his Instagram Story feed, which reads to most as a cosign and perhaps a possibility that the pair are in good standing with each other. That said, the reaction to Jay-Z’s viral Grammys moment is both filled with admiration and some calling it a whiny display of entitlement — which is the sentiment of social media fans, not one we’re openly supporting.

Ye, who last won the Best Contemporary Christian Music Album Grammy Award in 2021 for his album Jesus Is King, has 21 trophies in all.

Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign are gearing up to release their multi-volume collaborative project Vultures, the first of which is slated to drop Feb. 9.


Drake Blasts The Grammys (Again) On Social Media

Drake Blasts The Grammys (Again) On Social Media

Source: Cole Burston / Getty

Drake called out the Grammy Awards in a post on social media, declaring his support for those artists nominated that evening
As the Grammy Awards got underway Sunday night (Feb. 4), Drake expressed his feelings about the ceremony, making it clear that he wasn’t going to be paying attention. In a post to his Instagram Stories, he shared a clip of his acceptance speech during his last appearance at the awards in 2019. “All you incredible artists, remember this show isn’t the facts, it’s just the opinion of a group of people (whose) names are kept a secret (literally you can Google it),” the rapper wrote in a text caption over the clip. “Congrats to anybody winning anything for Hip-Hop, but this show doesn’t dictate s—t in our world.”

His animosity against the Grammy Awards and the Recording Academy began during that 2019 appearance where he won the Best Rap Song for “God’s Plan.” “We play in an opinion-based sport, not a factual-based sport,” he said at the time (at one point, his microphone seemed to be cut off). “It is not the NBA … This is a business where sometimes it is up to a bunch of people that might not understand what a mixed-race kid from Canada has to say … or a brother from Houston right there, my brother Travis,” Drake said. “You’ve already won if you have people who are singing your songs word for word, if you are a hero in your hometown. If there is people who have regular jobs who are coming out in the rain, in the snow, spending their hard-earned money to buy tickets to come to your shows, you don’t need this right here, I promise you, you already won.”

The Toronto, Canada, native also threw barbs at the Grammys in 2021 after The Weeknd didn’t receive any nominations that year. Drake was nominated four times at the 66th edition of the Grammys, including Best Rap Performance for “Rich Flex” from the Her Loss joint album with 21 Savage, which was also nominated for Best Rap Album. His solo album from last year, For All The Dogs, was not submitted for consideration. Drake is currently on his It’s All A Blur: Big As The What nationwide tour, performing the second of two nights at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, with J. Cole. It runs through April 16, where it will end at Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado. 

Dr. Umar Says Eminem Isn’t A Rap G.O.A.T. Because He’s The White Man

Dr. Umar Says Eminem Isn’t A Rap G.O.A.T. Because He’s The White Man

Over the holiday weekend, Joe Budden gave Hip-Hoppers a different kind of Christmas present when he shared a few clips of Dr. Umar Johnson off the next episode of his podcast. WAnd while there were a few entertaining and intriguing topics that were broached, the internet exploded over his take on Eminem being the rap G.O.A.T.

Sitting down with Joe Budden and crew for a Patreon exclusive episode, Dr. Umar was asked about his thoughts about Eminem being considered one of the G.O.A.T.’s in the Hip-Hop game, which prompted quite the spirited response from the man who bluntly stated “No non-African can ever be the best of anything African.”

Continuing to drive his point home, the good doctor expounded on his opinion saying, “It is an insult to the ancestors. It is an insult to the race. It is an insult to every Black person. Do you think I can go to Palestine and be the best anything of Palestinian culture? You never see that! You think I can go to Israel and be the best of anything in Israel whether it be a cook, an instrumentalist, a dancer? Hell no!”

Well, he’s not wrong. Also, Lord Jamar is probably somewhere clapping right now.

Dr. Umar doesn’t like people crowning Eminem the best of anything in Hip-Hop culture. While Umar acknowledges Marshall Mather’s talent as an artist, he added, “For you to put him at the top, that’s white supremacy, brother!”

Naturally, people on social media either agreed or disagreed with Dr. Umar’s take on Eminem’s legacy in the rap game, but regardless of how you may feel, Dr. Umar isn’t going to have his mind changed on the matter so long as Eminem is a Caucasian and that’s the kind of a forever thing.

Check out Dr. Umar Johnson break it down for the people in the back below and let us know your thoughts on the take in the comments section below.

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Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign’s “Vultures” Album Pushed Back Again, New Release Date Revealed

Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign’s “Vultures” Album Pushed Back Again, New Release Date Revealed

Ye recently went viral for another unhinged rant.At first, fans anticipated Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s Vultures would drop on December 15. Then reports claimed the album would arrive on December 31. The duo, collectively known as ¥$, pushed back the project again. A representative for Kanye West told Billboard that Vultures is now scheduled to come out on January 12. The long-running music publication previously reported the album had a December 31 release date.

The rollout for Vultures has been rocky. Issues with sample clearances reportedly caused some delays. An apparent unauthorized Backstreet Boys interpolation also raised questions about the potential final product.

Ty Dolla $ign shared a list of songs for Vultures on an Instagram post dated December 8. The Backstreet Boys-inspired “Everybody” does appear on the tracklist. ¥$’s “Everybody” interpolates BSB’s “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” from 1997.


According to Ty Dolla, Vultures will also contain “New Body.” That song originally featured Nicki Minaj. However, Minaj said she turned down Kanye West’s request to approve her vocals for the record.

“That train has left the station, OK?” Nicki Minaj stated. “No disrespect in any way. I just put out a brand-new album. Now why would I put out a song that has been out for three years? Come on guys.”

In addition, Kanye West made headlines in recent days for a 10-minute diatribe that went viral. The 46-year-old rapper/producer ranted about Jesus, Adolf Hitler, Zionists, Donald Trump, Jay-Z, Drake, Adidas and more.

West faced widespread backlash in 2022 for making anti-semitic remarks and praising Hitler. He also aligned himself with white nationalist Nick Fuentes. Before those controversies, Ye angered some of his supporters by promoting White Lives Matter shirts and spreading conspiracy theories about the death of George Floyd.