Joe Budden Calls Drake’s Support of Sexxy Red Suspect, Says It’s For Cash

Joe Budden Calls Drake’s Support of Sexxy Red Suspect, Says It’s For Cash

Joe Budden Calls Drake’s Support of Sexxy Red Suspect, Says It’s For Cash

Drake has been seen giving Sexxy Red a lot of gifts and public accolades – but Joe Budden isn’t so sure it’s genuine.
Drake has been spotted giving younger artists, primarily Sexxy Red a lot of support in recent months, calling her “my muse in this short and confusing life”.

The display has Joe Budden questioning the true motive behind it, even going so far as to suggest that Drake is getting financial compensation out of it. In the episode of his namesake podcast which last Thursday (March 28), Budden laid out his theory at the 2-hour mark of the show.

“Respectfully, it sound like a n*gga that could rap at that level that gets paid off of everybody’s deal tryna rap. That’s what it sound like to me. I’m not arguing with none of you n*ggas, I’m not trying to debate,” Budden said. That prompted a question from co-host Trevor “QueenzFlip” Robinson.

“Is this confirmed? Or is this just some inside sH*t that you sayin’?” Flip asked. “Oh, you think he just like being around Sexyy Red that much? I can name some more people.”

The comments caused a stir online, and Drake made it known that he got wind of the “Pump It Up” artist’s words in a highly public way. After his most recent It’s All a Blur Tour – Big As the What? concert tour stop, which was held at the UBS Arena in Elmont, N.Y. over the weekend, Drake posted a photo of Budden to his Instagram Stories with one question: “WHAT’S THE VIBES NY?!”

That same show, he also used his song “Energy” to direct some smoke toward Kendrick Lamar in response to his blistering verse on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That”, exclaiming “Fuck these n*ggas,” at the end [view the video here].

Sexxy Red issued her response to Budden’s claim, writing “They so dumb,” while quoting a post of the clip of Budden’s remarks.

Drake’s support of the “SkeeYee” rapper has been lavish, as she displayed in a post on X, formerly Twitter at the beginning of March where she posed with two of four Chanel bags that he apparently got her (they were in pink, purple, burgundy and black) along with $50,000 in cash. “Rich baby daddy gang, 50K n 4 Chanels fa a bad Bthc, Thank You Drake,” she wrote with heart and a kiss emojis.