During his closing set at Dreamville Fest 2024, J. Cole dropped a major bombshell: He doesn’t feel good about dissing Kendrick Lamar. At all.

Prior to a rendition of his 2014 hit, “Love Yourz,” the Fayetteville native told the thousands in attendance about the 10-year period of growth that followed creating that song, leading up to the surprise release of his latest project, Might Delete Later, on Friday. Cole admitted that although he was very proud of the project, there is one part that he’s not too proud of.

That “one part” was the project’s closer, “7 Minute Drill,” which served as a direct response to Kendrick Lamar’s scathing verse on Future & Metro Boomin’s “Like That.”

In his speech, he admitted that the track, in his words, was “the lamest sh*t I’ve ever did in my f*cking life,” considering it as a spiritual relapse of sort. He says that after the response to Kendrick’s diss spread, the idea of responding left the MC conflicted because he didn’t feel a way about the diss.

In the end, Cole offered an apology to Kendrick for the track.

“I pray my n*gga didn’t feel no way but if he did I got my chin out take ya best shot I’ma take it on the chin, I ain’t gonna lie to yall past 2 days been terrible it let me know how I’ve been sleeping for the past 10 years.”

He also hinted at possibly having “7 Minute Drill” removed from all streaming platforms.

The speech has left fans and hip-hop heads alike with mixed reactions. While some are applauding Cole for seemingly taking the high road and opting for preserving his peace, others considered the speech as the rapper accepting the “L” in the battle of the bars.