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It seems Ye FKA Kanye West has yet another legal battle ahead of him. YesJulz says she is countersuing him after being terminated from his company.


As reported by XXL Magazine, the Miami, Fla. native has spoken out about her recent departure from YZY. On Friday, March 29 she took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to detail her version of the events that led to the professional split.

“I come here to speak my peace because i care only for my truth to be known amongst my personal supporters and audience- not clout or additional eyeballs” she wrote. The talent manager would go on to reveal before she took legal action she attempted to reach out to Ye to work things out but she was unsuccessful.

“By the way – i reached out to every mutual friend i could think of urging them to have @kanyewest call me so i wouldn’t have to move forward with a countersuit I assume everyone is too p**** to address him about this so this is my last attempt before i take action,” she said. YesJulz also took issue with Ye’s Chief of Staff Milo Yiannopoulos. “I gave everyone over a week to do the right thing and fire this pedo, pay me for my completed work and drop the nonsense intent to arbitrate. Even asked everyone in a text if this was real because the way Milo wrote it was so damn laughable.”

Last month, YesJulz was fired from YZY for reportedly violating the company’s nondisclosure agreement. “Fines incurred to date as a result of your NDA violations come to $7.7m. While you were a contractor, I suspended enforcement of this debt. It now falls due. Please note that any further violations will accrue more fines” an email from Milo to YesJulz read.

Ye has yet to comment on the matter.

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